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These are 10 Lines on my School in English for students and children studying in class1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8(100 words).

  1. My school is the place where I love to go every day and learn new things.
  2. I study at St. Paul’s school which is situated at Aurobindo Marg.
  3. My school is one of the most renowned schools in Delhi.
  4. It is just four-kilometer far from my home.
  5. My school’s building is huge and attractive.
  6. It has 30 rooms which are well ventilated and spacious.
  7. My school has a big playground where I play outdoor games with my friends.
  8. It has a big library with a good stock of books.
  9. Our science lab and computer labs are superb and equipped with apparatus, computers and microscopes.
  10. I love going to my school and I am proud to be its student.

5 Lines on My School (50 words)

These are 5 lines on My School in 50 words for KG, LKG, and 1 class.

  1. I study at D.A.V. public school in Delhi.
  2. My school has a big building with 50 rooms.
  3. It has a huge playground where I play with my friends.
  4. My school has a big library with a good stock of books.
  5. My teachers in the school are very supportive and caring.

Essay on My School (1000 words)

Here is 1000 words Essay on My School for 9,10,11 and 12 classes.

A school is an important place in everyone’s life. I am really very fortunate that I got the opportunity to go to a well-renowned school in Delhi.

Delhi is also my hometown. While going to my school, on my school bus, which is approximately eight kilometers away from my home, I often see many children on the streets who are not as privileged as me.

They are perhaps orphans or their parents are not able to send them to school due to their financial conditions or lack of knowledge.

There are so many Government schools all over India where till eighth-class education is free and beyond this, there is a very nominal charge.

In Government schools, there is the facility of having free nutritional food, books and school dress.

School plays an important role in every child’s life. School is the second place after our home where we learn new things and shape our personality.

As we all know that we are nothing without education. School is the second home for every student. It instills values in us and gives us a platform to do better in our lives.

We learn teamwork, hard work, sincerity, discipline and so many moral values from school. A child needs a place where he/she could study, learn new things in a supportive and innovative way, play and share his/her emotions being a human.

School is the place that fulfills all the needs of a child to make him a better and civilized person.

I am a former student of St. Paul’s School. My school is in South Delhi at Aurobindo Marg. My School is up to 12thstandard. Every standard has three sections A, B, C.

My school has a huge building with a great architect. It has approximately 50 rooms which are spacious and well ventilated.

Every room has two big windows for fresh air and sunlight to come into the rooms. It has a big playground where all outdoor activities are conducted.

My school has a basketball court, a tennis court and a cricket ground. Students from different classes and ages play during recess and in zero periods before the actual school starts.

Many physical activities are also done in playground like running and yoga. My school emphasizes physical education and the importance of sports in the life of students to make them physically fit and active.

My school has a huge library fully-fledged with a good stock of books. Reading good quality books enhances the knowledge and wisdom of students. So my school plays its role very well to instill this value.

We read interesting books in the library in a disciplined manner and also issue these books for home. We take good care of our library books and return them on time.

My school has a well-equipped computer room. Computer education has become an integral part of our education system.

It is needed to make projects, our presentations, to compare our data and to be updated in all sphere of life by using the internet.

Our computer teacher is very skilled and supportive. He upgrades us on how to use computers.

My school also has a Science Laboratory which is equipped with the necessary apparatus, microscopes and scientific instruments. Our science Lab plays an important role to enhance our interest in science activities.

We do many chemical reactions, in presence of our teacher and learn so many new things by seeing them under the microscope.

My school also has a canteen where nutritious food is cooked every day and served at a very reasonable price. My school’s canteen is very neat and tidy. The food is made by taking care of proper hygiene and cleanliness.

My school has performed very well in academics as well as in sports and extracurricular activities. The students of my school have very well performed in board examinations. They are further studying in prestigious medical colleges, Engineering colleges, designing colleges and reputed Delhi University and other universities situated all over India.

My school emphasizes the overall development of students. It works on every student and brings out his/her potential and capability to excel in his/her life.

My school has participated in many tournaments, competitions and extracurricular activities and has performed very well. We have won many shields, medals and prizes in sports, games and in debates. So students in my school are confident and know how to do teamwork.

My school has given space to every child for his/her growth and has instilled good values so they become good citizens of India.

The teachers of my school are very hard working, sincere, kind and very supportive. They do a lot of hard work on students so that they perform well in all spheres of life.

Our counselor who understands the emotions of children very well works on mental health issues. She helps to bring out the children from the crisis of teenager.

I feel very proud to be a part of such a fabulous school. I love my school, my school life and cherish the moments, I have spent in my school.

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1000 Words Essay on My School

5 Lines on My School

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